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Welcome to Cooper Legal Services

Indiana Family Lawyer

Family Law

Indiana Family Law from Divorce, Child Support, Parenting time, Property Division, Debt Settlement, Paternity, Post divorce matters, Enforcement to Modifications

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Indiana Estate Lawyer

Estate Planning

Indiana Estate Planning Law from Wills, Trusts, Elderly Planning, Special Needs Planning, Advanced Directives, Power of Attorneys, Guardianships to Probate.

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Indiana Criminal Law Lawyer


Criminal Law

Indiana Criminal Law from Felonies, Misdemeanors, DUIs, Alcohol or Drug related offenses, Property offenses, Battery, Juvenile matters to Probation violations.

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Indiana Business Lawyer

Business Law

Indiana Business Law matters from Business Formation, Buy-Sell Transactions, Contracts, Employment matters, Non-Disclosure Agreements to Succession Planning

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Indiana Family Lawyer

Indiana Legal Library

Our Indiana Law Library provides you general information and links to direct and secondary sources of legal information in Indiana and beyond

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Personal Injury

Indiana Personal Injury from Auto accidents, Children injuries, Construction accidents, Dog Bites, Insurance Disputes to Worker's Compensation.

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Why Cooper Legal Services?

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Dwayne Cooper

Dwayne E. Cooper, Atty at Law

  • Personal Service - I personally handle your case. Unlike many law firms, I do not delegate your legal work to a secretary, paralegal, or law student.
  • Communicator - As a four year member of the Indiana University Debate team, I have had the opportunity to travel across the nation in competition while testing my communication skills with the best orators around the nation. Before law school, as a teacher, lecturer and newspaper reporter, I have had the opportunity to further refine those skills. These past experiences allow me to feel at ease in the courtroom and have given me the confidence to be willing to go to the courtroom to ensure that your interests are protected.
  • Experienced - I've been fortunate enough to have been practicing law in my own firm since 1997. I have had cases in over 60 different counties throughout the state.
  • Accessible - When you have a question concerning your case, I can be reached by mail, e-mail, fax and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because I am often in court or depostions or meetings, I may not be able to return your call immediately. However, it is my goal to return all calls within 48 hours in order of priority. Furthermore, because I believe that all people should feel free to contact an attorney without fear of cost, my initial consultation is free.
  • Loyal - Respect for the client's confidences and secrets demand that I represent the client loyally and zealously without any conflicts of interest.
  • Tech-Savvy - Practitioners who work hard and make effective use of state-of-the-art computer technology are often many more times efficient than larger firms at quite a bit lower cost. Everything I have invested in technology in my office helps me get things done faster than the other guy.
  • Reasonable fees - Computer technology allows my office to deliver legal services that are cost-effective. I do my best to keep you informed as to what your costs are and will likely be in regards to your situation.
  • Respected - I am active in several groups and bar associations on the local, state and national level. I am fortunate to know and have contact with many attorneys across the nation. If your case requires another type of attorney or specialist in something I don't do, I will help refer you to someone who can better help you.
  • Research Expert - I invest heavily in my library and in online research materials because I know that the ability to quickly access the vast sources of information from my desktop or office provides me with an advantage that makes my law office extremely competitive. Use of this technology allows me to do my work quicker and more efficiently. Through the use of the Internet, I maintain contact with several hundred attorneys and many experts whose opinions I can access very quickly.
  • Honest - At trial or in negotiation, your case is only as good as your lawyer's credibility. Not only am I bound by the ethics established by my bar associations, but as a Christian, I abide by a much higher standard regarding my conduct which I take very seriously. I will not assist in criminal or fraudulent conduct or bring a frivolous suit. I'm not going to lie to you or tell you something that you may want me to say. If I don't know something, I will tell you that and do my best to find out that information. Furthermore, honesty is also something I expect and demand from every one of my clients.
  • Diligent - Despite an all too often slow legal process, I will expedite your case as quickly as possible and will keep you informed of the status of your case in a timely manner. I believe people are often awarded for virtues such as perseverance and hard work.
  • Personal - I'm a real person with a real family who does real things. I'm active in our local church. I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids. I love to fish. I enjoy reading the Bible, American history and the law. Not only will you see me in the courtroom, but you will also see me in the community.
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    Top Movies about the Law

    Every month, I'm going to take this section of the site and introduce to you a new movie about the law that I have found interesting.

    My very favorite movie about family law has to be "The War of the Roses" starring Michael Douglass, Kathleen Turner and Danny Devito.  It is a dark comedy that is a must watch for anyone going through a divorce or wanting to become a family law attorney.  Family law is the most emotional area of the law and, in my opinion, you have to have a very even keel as an attorney to navigate down these turbulent waters.  Check this movie out and thank God your case isn't this bad.  Or is it?


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